The harmonic and rhythmic advances together with Kemo’s great lyrics make the rework of “American Ruhr” as emotionally contemporary as the latest world crisis. It comes with startingly deep and effective, but subtly structured, shifting rhythms and meters, with great energy, movement and grace. And, most important, with a bassline that will last FOREVER!

The Original Version shows best how the Homewreckers work – soulful, clear, intrinsically homegrown and utterly honest.

The remix works from Mark Flash and Bileebob, both DJs and producers from Detroit´s “Underground Resistance” camp, are techno house swingers in the old fashioned sense, but it is also more than that, because they add to their interpretation modern equipment and a wink in the eye.


A1 American Ruhr (Rework)
A2 American Ruhr (Rework Instrumental)
A3 American Ruhr (Original)

B1 American Ruhr (Mark Flash Remix)
B2 American Ruhr (Bileebob Remix)

RELEASE: Sept 2008

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  1. Steve says:

    After hearing “American Ruhr” I was deprived of something that was lost a long time ago… there’s a darkness and sadness that swirls through this deep deep deep track…probably among the most visual and emotional tracks I have heard to date!

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