The first release of the Homewreckers feat. Kemo on Unique Records is a beautiful monster jam that will destroy dance floors all over the world. The Homewreckers style plows right over any preconceived notion you may have about the current funky underground grind.

“It´s About Time” is such a lusciously deep track where tradition and innovation meet. Tradition as in the soulful roots of 70s funk and house music, innovation as in the streamlined, sparse arrangements and shrewd use of technology. The Homewreckers truly master rhythm and space – and Chicago born Kemo fully adapts to the music and the atmosphere with his amazing spoken word poetry. Not only does he sound good, his lyrics can be experienced like a short film. As a unit, the Wreckers are examples of the discipline and feeling that make modern funk our most difficult performance art!

“Please Send Me Someone To Love” is a cool slap bass wonder transporting us into a dimension of seemingly endless travel. Keyboards, strings and washes of synthesizers are put together with uncanny precision. The bassline goes from heavy and heady to playful and quirky – always deliriously intoxicating.

The artwork is by Cory Arcangel. Cory is a Digital Artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. His work was featured in the 2004 Whitney Museum, and has also been exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum and “MoMA”. The artwork was designed on Lighning Paint, a clone of the 1984 paint application “mac paint” and the font is from the APPLE II GS.


A1 It´s About Time feat. Kemo (Rework)
A2 It´s About Time feat. Kemo (Instrumental)
A3 It´s About Time feat. Kemo (Acapella)

B1 Please Send Me Someone To Love feat. Kemo (Original)
B2 Please Send Me Someone To Love feat. Kemo (Dub)
B3 It`s About Time feat. Kemo (Original)

RELEASE: NOV 23, 2007

Homewreckers - It's About Time (feat. Kemo) - EP

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