gap-lgThis is something for the strobelite honeys. “WHEN THE WEEKEND COMES” is the most “commercial” song the Homewreckers have done so far. Somebody called it “cheesy” the other day and he was damn right. The Homewreckers cut the same kind of cheese that Indeep, Soul II Soul, Zhane and Funkmaster Flex had on their plates when they kept the people on the dancefloor happy with a Mr-DJ-track. “WHEN THE VERSION COMES” strips the “WEEKEND” down to its essentials in a rub-a-dub-disco style that only lasts for a few minutes but … “WONDERYEARS” swings like a feather and is jazzed out to the max. The “Blue”-Mix comes with rich organic textures that make it easy to let your hair down. The “Dance”-Mix keeps the barber happy with a delicious 4/4 orientated groove.

GAP 091, 12”


A1. When The Weekend Comes
A2. When The Version Comes
B1. Wonderyears (blue)
B2. Wonderyears (floor)


“Dear People, just writing to say how much I enjoyed GAPO91, ‘When the Weekend Comes’. Have played it on KISS FM show I have in London and in cooler clubs. Thanks, all the best, Tom” (Groove Armada)

Homewreckers ‘Weekend’. “a1 + a2 bombe (=höchstwertung). Wer sind die jungs?” (Rainer Trüby, Compost)

“Love this! Playing out loads.” (Ashley Beedle – X-Press 2/Various – Worldwide)

“Very very nice. A1 works well on the floor.” (Jean-Claude ‘Amalgamation of Soundz’ – Compost, Various – Worldwide)

“Nice slap bass bizznizz, like it lots. All tracks get very good reactions on the floor.” (Dean Meredith ‘Chicken Lips’ – Afrodesia/Various – Worldwide)

“Love it, great for the ‘pub and bar’ kind-of-gigs. Very good audience reaction to A2 and B1.” (Pete Herbert – Atlas, Various – London)

“We love Homewreckers – When The Weekend Comes, which has been a big tune for us at the club.” (Huw, Electric Chair in Manchester UK)